The precedent of success : Class Teacher had said – 'Life will Busted in jail, but became a billionaire' | Motivational Quotes
Richard Branson success story

The precedent of success : Class Teacher had said – ‘Life will Busted in jail, but became a billionaire’

The precedent of success: Class Teacher had said – ‘Life will Busted in jail, but became a billionaire’


Most people believe that education is the first and main ladder of education. But today the situation of education is that the MA and PhD holders do not hesitate to apply for a job as a peon.

Today, if a student does not get good points in the 10th, 12th, his parents feel that his son will not be able to do anything in life. Some people give so much negative reactions when the children are having a bad result that children do commit suicide. But you would be surprised to know that there are many people in the world even today, who have become billionaire despite 10th failure or leaving studies.


Richard Branson, the founder of Virgin Group, is also one of the people who have become a successful person after leaving studies from 10th. Richard Branson is a billionaire today, and his Virgin Group has 400 companies and thousands of people are employed. Learn More After leaving studies, how did Branson become a billionaire:-


Richard Branson success story


Richard Branson’s third grandfather came to India in 1793, during which Branson’s father also came to Madras. After staying here for some time, he married an Indian woman, to which Richard Branson was born.


When Richard grew up, his parents sent him to London Stove School. But due to the disease called dyslexia, he could not read properly. More difficult than this, when it became known in class as a retarded student. Now Richard’s mind does not seem to be studying at all.


One day the headmaster of the school said that due to the lack of interest in Richard’s studies, that all his life would be spent in jail if he did not study. But they had to do something else. He left studies before passing the 10th and started collaborating in a church magazine. He became known by  big people and opened his own music CD’s shop. When he advertised this shop on his church magazine, it had an impact that he became a big business overnight.


His business grew so fast that he opened another shop and named it Virgin. After this he never looked back. Today, he has many companies, including Virgin Airlines, in which thousands people works. In 2006, Richard Branson, one of the top ten wealthiest people in the list of 1,000 rich people in Europe released by the Sunday Times.

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