Success Mantra : Success comes with hard work, not shortcuts. | Motivational Quotes
Success Mantra

Success Mantra : Success comes with hard work, not shortcuts.

Success Mantra: Success comes with hard work, not shortcuts


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Success comes with hard work, there is no shortcut for it. The success achieved by the shortcut only stays for some time. It is true that its path is difficult, long and somewhat shorter. But the realization of success is enough to ignore all the troubles of this path. While choosing the path of your destination, we should always remember that we can afford to pay for the small paths we are trying to reach the destination. Just as there were chaos  with golden-headed birds. She had to pay the cost of choosing a shortcut for her life.


The golden-winged bird explores its food while jumping around the forest. Even today, she was looking for her delicious food insects living in the trees. Suddenly, her eyes fell on a man passing through very fast steps. There was a small wooden box in his hand. The bird thought something strange and asked the reason for the hasty person. Bird asked who are you any help is needed ? On this, the person told that he is a farmer and is going to the market of the village that is situated across the forest. He lives in the nearby village. After this, the bird asked him about the wooden box. The farmer told that the box have insects living in the stems of trees which he want to sell in the market on price of  golden feather.


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After listening to his words, the sparks in the eyes and water in the mouth made the bird fly. She told the farmer that if you give this box to me, then in return I will give you a golden feather. I have lots of feathers. The farmer was also happy because he got a golden feather without being marketed halfway, the farmer even gave a box full of bugs to that golden bird. The golden bird went on to ask another question on the way to the farmer. She asked, can you bring me a box full of insects every day? If you do this then I will give you one wing each day. The farmer was happy to hear this and daily bringing a box filled with bugs for the golden bird.


That golden bird’s day passed very well. The farmer brought a box full of bugs for her and in return the bird gave him a golden feather in his favor. Many days passed by doing so. A day came when all the wings of that golden bird were finished and she was unable to fly. Now she could not even move. Due to the golden feathers being over, the farmer stopped bringing insects for her. Now she was also unable to go in search of food. She died in a few days. This story may be small, but it provides a very deep learning.


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You can learn 3 things from this story:

  1. Never be missed by working hard to get success. Success achieved on the strength of hard work continues for a long time.
  2. Shortcuts should be avoided. The shortcut can promptly reach us on the floor, but in return we have to pay heavy price.
  3. There is no other advantage of the hurry to reach your destination. There are so many people around us. Their job is to fulfill their purpose only.

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