Success Mantra: Face difficulties in life and go ahead | Motivational Quotes
Success mantra to get success

Success Mantra: Face difficulties in life and go ahead

Success Mantra: Face difficulties in life and go ahead

Success Mantra


Once a professor went to his class and told all the students to be ready for the surprise test. All the class students sat at their desk with very impatient and waited for the start of the test. Professor divided the paper among all the students. When the students saw the paper, they were all surprised. Surprised because there was only a black dot in the middle of the paper.


The professor looked at the troubled faces of the students, smiling and said, ‘This is the question for you, I want you to write something on what you see in the paper. Students were unable to understand anything, yet they started writing their answers accordingly. Professor picked up all the student’s papers and started studying in front of them.


The professor was not surprised by the reply of any student, because everyone had written his answer around the dot, keeping in mind the black dot made in the middle of the white paper as expected. The professor read the answers to all the students, after that there was a silent spread in the class room. After this the professor said:


I am not going to grade you people on the basis of this … just want to tell that no one of you wrote anything about the white part of the paper. Everyone wrote about Black Dot. We do something similar in our lives too. Only focus on the black side of life … lack of money, illness, family members, friends, girlfriends, boyfriend . All these problems in human life are like black dot on that white paper … very small. Still keep our brain unstable. It is necessary that we remove our eyes from the dark side of our life and focus on the bright side. Only then will we go ahead in life.

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