Success Mantra: Confront the difficulties in life | Motivational Quotes
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Success Mantra: Confront the difficulties in life

Success Mantra: Do not run away from difficulties face them and solve them

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Once a rich king kept a huge stone in the center of the road. After doing so, he quietly went behind a tree nearby and hid. Actually he wanted to see who tried to remove the heavy-burden stone lying on the road between the people.


After waiting a few minutes, king’s courtier passes through there. But they ignores this stone despite seeing it. After this, about 20 to 30 people passed from there. But no one tried to remove this stone from the road.


About one and a half hour later, a poor farmer passed from there. The farmer had vegetables and many tools in his hands. The farmer stopped after seeing the stone. And he stitched to remove the stone. After all, he succeeded in removing the stone from the road.


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After leaving the stones, he looked down on a bag lying down. There were many gold coins and jewelry in this bag. There was also a letter written by the king. The king wrote in the letter that it is your reward of honesty, loyalty, hard work and good nature.


There are many obstacles like this in the journey of life. Rather than escaping from them, they should be stunned. If the problem comes to you, resolve it yourself, do not leave it to others. Do not try to avoid them.

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