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3 Best Motivational Stories For Students

3 Best Motivational Stories For Students

3 Best Motivational Stories for Students

Motivational Stories for Students- 1

Win yours


There was a time in a village, a cave which people were known by the name of Death Cave. Nobody wanted to go around it too. And it was because what had gone in the cave till date has never come back. People were scared of thinking about that cave.

Now about 300 people had gone in that cave and no one came back. There was a young man in the same village. And he did not believe in all these things that this is what happens in today’s world. He decided he would go to that cave. But as soon as the people of the villages came to know that the young man is going into that cave. All of them got close to his house and started him to understand why you want to go. Even if gone, you will not be able to come back.

But he did not listen to all those people and the next day he went right towards that cave. And after going inside the cave, there was a lot of darkness on going ahead. Slowly he came in quite deep  in the cave. At that time someone thought of him following and someone pushed him back. When the young man looked back and saw four men standing there. They closed it and took him to a place. He saw that place was very good and was equipped with all comforts.

Those 4 men told him that all of us also came in this cave. But  stopped after seeing such a beautifulness. We pushed you to scare you. And that young man stopped at the same place. The rest of the other people were convinced that no one came back from that cave.


Moral of the Story


If we see this story in our life, if we start any new work, then people are scared  us. If you do this work, it will be as it happens that we have done it before. Like if we have to start new business, we discuss our ideas with anyone, then there will be no such business if we get to listen first. So whether we are afraid of the other sages. And life keeps moving like it was. Or, like that young man, we are afraid of doing that work, we always have to take decisions.

Motivational Stories  for Students- 2

Do what you like to do – do what you want to do


Today Rajesh and Pallavi had an atmosphere of happiness and why not even today, 5 years later their baby boy has been born. Both of them started thinking about his name and finally his name was kept Lakshay. Rajesh and Pallavi have also seen many dreams about their children; they both have already thought that they will make their son a Doctor.

As soon as Lakshay was 4 years old, admission was made in the good school of the city. Lakshay is very good in painting since childhood. Nobody is sure that this painting has been made by a 4 year old child.

Lakshay was also very good at reading. Always 1st in class. In class 11, he had to select subjects. He did not want to take biology to read it. His parents want him to become a doctor, but he wanted to be a painter. Lakshay talked to his parents, that he do not want to become a doctor. But his parents have clearly said that they will not allow him to spoil his future in painting. Lakshay had to agree on his parents talks. The performance of the Lakshay has become worse before the performance. After class 12, the lakshay is to take admission in Medical College. By completing studies, lakshay is to open its own clinic. After some time lakshay was also married and he got a daughter too. But painting not just in his mind, but became a dream. But now lakshay has the goal of life. He could not do the work he did to her daughter. And the goal was to make his daughter a Painter, without knowing what his daughter wants to be.

Friends, we have already heard and read many things like this before. Many movies would also be seen as 3 Idiots, Taare zameen par. But when it comes to actually applying to your children in the real world, we start comparing our children with others or thinking that what we could not do our children will do that work and compel them and pressurize them to do the same. Or what society will say etc. Now it is necessary to give your children full understanding and give them freedom to choose their career of choice.

If we want to be successful in life (to be successful means to be happy, to enjoy the full enjoyment of life and do not just want money) then do what we like to do. You must have heard about many people whose people first made fun of But today everyone wants to be like them. Like Sachin Tendulkar, Lata Mangeshkar, Sandeep Maheshwari, etc. If their parents also made them instrument to go to any other field, then what would happen to them if you think yourself.

Motivational Stories  for Students- 3

Solve every problem – Every Lock has a key


Once upon a time a person had a donkey. One day, when the donkey fell into the donkey pit, even after trying hard, he could not get out of the ass, then that person decided that this ass should be buried here. After thinking that way, the person started to lay down the clay on the donkey. For a while, the donkey was sitting quietly, but as soon as the heavy burden was over, it dug the soil upside down, when the clay came down the ass climbed over the soil. Went. Due to such a time, the donkey came over the farm and then left out of the farm.


Friends, we also have 2 choices like that asshole:


1- Either we should suppress the problem of soil under the soil. If any problem arises, keep thinking about it and continue to worry.
2 – Or raise from the problems, and raise the stairs upwards

Friends, nothing happens in life, we should learn from every problem and make life happy. The problem comes in everyone’s life but our success and failure depends on the fact that how do we deal with that problem? Did Abraham Lincoln, Mahatma Gandhi, Mahatma Gandhi, Abdul Klam, Narendra Modi not face problems in their life? Success of the great people depends on how they find solutions to the problem. Success Secrete is to find solutions to every problem. Do not stay confused with the problem.

Every Lock has a key

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